a flow of natural truths that are manifested in the simple beauty of audio-visual experimentation
un flujo de verdades naturales que se manifiestan en la belleza simple de la experimentación audiovisual

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Instructions for Initial Conditions

November 5 – 29, 2010 | Opening Nov. 5, 6:00pm until late
Drift Station Gallery in collaboration with Parallax Space.
Please note: a catalog with essay by Parallax Space’s Marissa Vigneault and compilation of all the works in this exhibition will be published as aPDF shortly. Please check back for availability.
Drift Station Gallery and Parallax Space are pleased to announce the opening of their exhibition “Instructions for Initial Conditions” to be held on Friday, November 5th, 2010. Located in downtown Lincoln in a renovated former auto-body shop, this opening will be the second for both galleries.
The “initial condition” is a term used in Chaos Theory referring to a simple starting point that, when the system is set into motion, is radically transformed into an unpredictable result. The works in this exhibition describe an initial condition by which an artwork can be made or enacted, taking on the form of instructions that are exhibited as artworks in and of themselves. They run across traditions and disciplines: some act as a catalyst for acts meant to be carried out immediately, while others are purely poetic calling for no action, or are conceptual or impossible to be realized and can only be completed mentally. Viewers are invited to engage the works as they see fit, either here in the gallery or later at a location of their choice.

The works in this exhibition are the result of an international open call, using the internet as a medium to both solicit and “ship” works. Over 120 artists from six continents sent works, which were limited to an emailed file that could be printed in black and white on an 8.5 x 11” sheet of paper. These limitations served to show that art fundamentally is not about materials, media, or financial resources but about ideas. We were surprised and delighted by the diversity of the art works received and proudly present them to you.
The opening reception will also feature a performance created by Parallax Space’s Bill Graham in collaboration with members of the Mighty Vitamins that invites members of the audience to help create constantly-changing sonic loops.

participating artists:

Aaron Holz Clark Stoeckley Jina Wallwork Milja Laurila Sean O’Neill Aaron Oldenburg Dan Buhrdorf Joel Farris Miranda Maher Silvia Sellitto Adam Farcus Darcy McCabe John M Bennett Moira Williams SJ Gibson Adam Tindale David Berridge John Hammersley and Jono Lewarne Morgan Jensen Skot Wiedmann Alicia Grant David Borawski John Neeson MSR2 Sofie Loscher Alisdair MacRae Deric Carner Joshua Mattes Na’ama Zussman SpurseAlistair Ashe Elizabeth Gower Joshua WF Thomson Neil Horsky Stephanie Busson Angelika Rinhofer Eric Lopez Julie Haw Nestor Armando Gil Tamara Stephas Anna Kell Eric Moschopedis & Mia Rushton Kan Seidel Nicholas Knight Team Zatara (Matthew Fielder/Rachel Kessler) Annabelle Craven-Jones Erik Benjamins Katy Howkins Nick Bastis Thomas Martin Anthony Roark Esteban Schimpf Kristin Nyce Nick Kennedy Tiana Peterson Arran Poole Georgia Wall Kristina Martino Norbert Costin Tim Taylor Arturo Evening Hannah Hamilton Kristina Wolfe Osvaldo Cibils Tom Hackett Barb Smith Hannah Ross Lane Cooper Paul Shortt Tony Schwensen Benjamin Sisto HC Arnold Larry Caveney Paul Wierbinski Travis Janssen Betsy van Die“Helina Daniel” Laura Konttinen Persephone Thorn-Hauswirth Valka Loohuis Bill GuskyIgnacio Pérez Pérez & Aidana RicoLuc Fierens Peter Ciccariello William Brovelli Brian Schorn Jamie Fritz & Victoria HoytLuke Munn Philippe Van Wolputte Willum Geerts Bridget Walker Jason Conny MA Melgares Reed Altemus Burt Ritchie Jaume Marianne Holm Hansen Richard Smolinski Carlos Navarrete Jay Merryweather Mark Koven Romain di Vozzo Charles Napier Jen Keshka Martins Rokis Ron Lambert Chris Barr Jen Keshka and Jason Sendros Mary Walker S A Custance Christine DehneJen McChesney Michael Davies Sam Vandie Christopher Ford Jessica Borusky Mies Baars Scarlet Bourne Christopher Hudson Jesús Otero Iglesias Mike Callaghan Seán O Sullivan

Thursday, November 4, 2010



Thursday November 4th Piksel presents Piksel Night at Galleri KIT, as part of the Meta.Morf 2010 biennale programme in Trondheim (NO), organized by TEKS (Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre)
21 PM the doors open at Galleri KIT. The evening includes screening of the PikselSavers series, concert by the legendary Bjørn Torske Band (this time as a duo performance by Bjørn Toske and John Hegre), and is round up with groovy rhythms and playful projections delivered by Piksel Soundsystem.

PikselSaver is a series of short movies and software art specially curated by the Piksel festival in Bergen for the biennale. The works were selected based on an open call for participation in conjunction with the Meta.Morf.

PikselSavers consists of 10 works associated with the biennale theme New.Brave.World! through keywords such as sustainable resource allocation, renewable technologies, energy harvesting, fair trade hardware, free content, open access, DIY economy, shared development, and all the works are made using Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS).

The 10 projects are:
Mark Beasley – Snowstorm
Mark Beasley – Icemelt
Andy Deck – Spill Cycle
Jim Bizzocchi – Longfalls
Claude Heiland-Allen – Mandulia
Osvaldo Cibils – 54 dinamic body background
Ralph Kistler – Screensaver
Yves Degoyon – Evil Fish :::
Wayne Clements – Brave New World War
Thomas Thiery – 10 Minutes

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