a flow of natural truths that are manifested in the simple beauty of audio-visual experimentation
un flujo de verdades naturales que se manifiestan en la belleza simple de la experimentación audiovisual

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Friday, April 16, 2010

FONLAD #06_2010

FONLAD #06_2010 NEWS LETTER #2 15 April 2010
The virtual is generally identified with the reproduction of the real world through digital media, Imaging a world shared by thousands of beings connected through electronic networks, which share the same state: the digital connectivity. While browsing the Internet, we find ourselves at any time of day or night, with many solitary beings who are doing the same, with whom we interact. Hence the idea of community: a collective intelligence is a distributed intelligence everywhere, constantly enhanced, coordinated in real time, resulting in effective mobilization of skills... The basis and purpose of collective intelligence is the recognition and mutual enrichment of people (Pierre Levi).
Humanity is scattered in virtual social networks spread over the internet (Facebook, Second Life, etc.) and on the borders of digital art projects that extend through electronic networks. Activating the "work”, the user connects virtually to the artist through the Human by excellency: the work of Art.
Fonlad #06_2010, in partnership with the Porto Santo’s Biennial, will present in Coimbra, at the Ícon Gallery, "Virtual Humanities", an exhibition of photography and digital painting.
Rosa dos Ventos (Wind Rose Space - Montemor-o-Velho), presents 30 min video a selection of the best works from the festivals of Herning (Denmark), VideoChannel/Cologne Off (Germany), Rec-On (Honduras), Fonlad (Portugal) and Videolab (Portugal).
Montemor-o-Velho is also host of a workshop on video-art editing directed by Videolab between 22 and 30 of May. In this place will take place also a video-art residency by the artist Francesco Milizia from Italy.
Coimbra also receives video art shows, at the Ícon Gallery (28, 29 May and 3 of July), in partnership with the Porto Santo’s Biennial.
Finally, the Unknown Artist Virtual Museum presents Cyber Human Forms, a Web art show between October 7 and December 26, 2010.
FONLAD # 06_2010
(Partnership with Porto Santo’s Biennial)
Curators: José Vieira, Manuel Pessôa-Lopes
Artists: Alfonso Caputo (Italy), António Azenha (Portugal), Benvinda Araújo (Portugal), Boskizzi (Italy), Carola Blanco (Venezuela),
Cecilia Urioste (Brazil), Dennys San Jorge (Cuba), Elisabeth Machado (France), Fernando Graça / Penousal Machado (Portugal),
Jeroen Holthius (Netherlands), Katie Bush (USA), Laura Castanedo (Mexico), Maro (Chile), Moskal (Poland), Oscar Poliotto (Argentina), Patrick Millard (USA), Paulo Corte Real (Portugal), Tatiana Santos (Portugal).
May 1 to May 30, 2010
Galeria Icone, Coimbra
Pátio da Inquisição - Coimbra - Portugal
Time table:
Monday to Friday: 10h00 – 12h00 / 14h00 - 19h00
Saturdays and Sundays: Closed

VIDEO ART - Workshop editing
(Partnership: Videolab / Teatro dos Castelos)
Instructor: Sérgio Gomes
22, 23, 29 and 30 of May, 2010
Escola Profissional Montemor-o-Velho
Time: 9h00/13h00 - 14h00/18h00

(Partnership: Teatro dos Castelos)
Video Math by Francesco Milizia (Italy)
May 21 – June 6 2010

(Partnership Fonlad / Videolab / Herning Film Festival / VideoChannel / Cologne Off / Rec - On)
Espaço Rosa dos Ventos, Montemor-o-Velho

May 22, 23:30 Videolab (Portugal)
Curators: Pedro Almeida e Sérgio Gomes
Artists: Masha Godovannaya (Russia), Taina Kontio (Finland), Marie Magescas (France), Jeremy Newman (USA),
Johanna Reich (Germany), Bart Wasem (Suitzerland), Leah Meyerhoff (EUA), Gabriel Judet-Weinshel (EUA), Ethem Ozguven (Turquia)

May 29, 23:30
Herning International Film Festival (Denmark)
Curator: Alex da Silva

June 5, 23.30
Video Channel/Cologne Off (Germany) “Found Foutage”
Curator: Agricola de Cologne
Artists: Bill Domonkos (USA), Deinse Hood (USA), Dr. Boston (USA), Alexander Mouton (USA), James Woodward (USA),
Constantin Hartenstein (Germany), Dennis Summers (USA), Jennifer Schwed (USA), Rajorshi Ghosh (USA)

June 12, 23:30
Rec-On (Honduras)
Curator: Gabriel Vallecillo

June 19, 23:30
Fonlad (Portugal)
Curator: Jose Vieira
Artists: Alysse Stepanian (USA), Anders Weberg (USA), Arthur Tuoto (Brazil), Caterina Davinio (Italy), Clint Enns (Canada),
Daemiane (UK), Eduardo Romaguera (Spain), Gruppo Sinestético (Italy), HP Process (France), Jay Critchley (USA),
Marius Tanasescu (Italy), Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay), Steven Hoskins (USA).

VIDEO Screenings
Curators: José Vieira, Pedro Almeida and Sergio Gomes
Galeria Icone/Icon Gallery
Herning Film Festival / VideoChannel / Cologne Off, May 28
Videolab (Portuguese Vídeo-Art), May 29
VideoChannel / Fonlad / Videolab (video installation), July 3
(in partnership with Biennale of Porto Santo)

Curator: Jose Vieira
Artists: Aaron Oldenburg (USA), Alan Bigelow (USA), David Clark (Canada), Ian Filtman (UK), Jason Nelson (Australia)
Jody Zellen (USA) and Michael Filimovicz (Bulgaria (USA).
October 7 to December 26, 2010

(Partnership Fonlad / Videolab / New Media Fest 2010 / Rec-On Honduras)
Curators: Pedro Almeida, Sérgio Gomes
Artists: António Olaio, Francisco Queirós, João Pombeiro, José Maças de Carvalho,
Maria Lusitano, Margarida Paiva, Susana Mendes Silva, Vasco Araújo
Altefeuerwache, Cologne, Germany
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Artistic direction: José Vieira
Invited curators: Agrícola de Cologne, Alex da Silva, Gabriel Vallecillo, Manuel Pessôa-Lopes, Pedro Almeida and Sérgio Gomes
Photography and Editing: Jorge Simões
Design: Paulo Corte Real
Support: Galeria Ícone, Quarteirão das Artes, UAVM Virtual Museum, Bienal de Porto Santo, Frequência Mágica, Videolab,
Cologne Off / VideoChannel, Herning Film Festival, Rec-On Muestra International de Audiovisuales.
Production: IC0 Cultural Ass. / Teatro dos Castelos

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osvaldo cibils. 1961. Artista. Sus obras se orientan hacia el dibujo sobre papel A4 y la digitalización, soundart ruidoso con artilugios electrónicos y software, videoperformances y el desarrollo de proyectos experimentales.
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