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Friday, September 3, 2010


Special Project INDUSTRIAL 59 at the Kamvolny Kombinat (2 Novinskaya Street) during the First Ural Industrial Biennial in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Videos will be in continuous loop at the entrance of Kamvolnyi Kombinat from September 9 through October 10.
INDUSTRIAL 59 is a series of short videos by contemporary artists on industrial theme investigating the current relation between artists and industry. Videos and artists:
1. INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION by Dr. C. Hite CA, USA 2010 59” 2010
Film of a long graffiti run past shanty and industry shot from the window of a speeding southbound Coastal California train could only by called; Industrial Revolution!
Blooming graphics fly by in a montage of imagination on warehouse walls, loading docks, scrap yard fences, as the colorful confetti of squalor litters a used, but unused no-mans-land trackside.

2. THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE by Karin Till VIC, Australia 59” 2010
This video uses the automobile as industrial product in a poetic response to the accident in the Gulf of Mexico on 20.04.2010, whose cause was human hubris: a disregard of technical and safety needs and the interconnectedness of nature. The company acted like the sorcerer’s apprentice in Goethe’s poem. Does the journey through the tunnel lead to alternative energies?

3. DUST by St. & St. Berlin, Germany, 59” 2010
For the "Industrial 59" festival, artist team St. & St. have created the video "dust" in which Stephanie Gerner uses two hammers to drum on the first artwork both created jointly in 2003 – her naked back covered in coal dust. "dust" addresses many issues including the residue that remains when working through a rough and male-occupied (art) industry.


5. LOOP UNLIMITED – video by Stefan Römer and Franz Wanner Munich, Germany 59“ 2010
We submit the first two clips of our cycle (of 4); they are on the cultural broadly influential issue of the cultural repetition in the figure of the loop. Our interest is to show analogous machines which produce audio-visual effects of the loop and touch a discourse on it.
Synopsis of 1: You see echo and reverb machines of the 1970s which are overlayed by text on the phenomenon of the loop. The sound is produced by the visible machines and a synthesizer MS-50.
Synopsis of 2: You see very popular filmloop-machines in contemporary art which are overlayed by text on the phenomenon of the loop. The sound comes from a synthesizer MS-50.

6. THE FILM MACHINE by Babylonia Constantinides & Franz Wanner Germany, 1’ 2010
Emergence of a film history by the détournement of a shot. While the train is moving, the gaze of the traveler begins to drift. He imagines the train as a projectile that cuts through space. How is it possible that the projectile does not actually seem to move?

7. NEOPHYTE CAPSULE by Glenn Church 59” USA
The film deals with the ghosts of utopian ideals of technological determinism at the beginning of the 20th Century, leading to the emergence of dystopian ruin and a breakaway from human industrial ‘somnambulism’ ten years into the 21st Century. The past triumph of technology bleakly echoes on to the crumbling walls, a technological Ozymandias to the new critical culture.

8. HEDDLING by Laura Kissel 59” SC, USA
Heddling captures the rhythm and movement of two heddlers in Changzhou, China as they draw warp threads through the eyes of heddle needles. They sit across from one another all day, while in the room next to them giant looms generate a din that signifies their perpetual labor.

9. JOAQUINS, PEDROS E ANTONIOS by Angella Conte Brazil 59” 2010
The dally routine of the sheep grazing and the marble taken from the rocks, it’s a scene that can be seen at any moment in Alentejo, Portugal. I selected 59 pictures to honor the Joaquins, Pedros and Antonios that are part of these landscape, inside the marble industrialization outside grazing sheep. Its images and sounds mixed in the landscape.

10. SCENIC JOGGING by Jillian Mayer FL, USA 1’ Produced by Lucas Leyva Director of Photography: Joaquin Escobar Camera Assistant: Enrique Fernandez Special Thanks: Jonathan David Kane
Neon flashes and the glow of 1980s television set were the essential mentors in my early years. Growing up I was over saturated with cartoons and sitcoms. I had much difficulty separating the dilemmas of real life with those from scripts of mock families crafted for my weekly entertainment. Sadly, my real life fell short of these fictional/animated adventures.

11. MADE IN CHINA (kosaara & czarek & blimp) by Artur Kłosiński Poland 59”
work is hard and then you die, work is hard and then you die
work is hard and then you die, work is hard and then you die
work is hard and then you die, work is hard and then you die
work is hard and then you die, work is hard and then you die
work in china

12. PULIVAPOR by Osvaldo Cibils 59” 2008 Uruguay / Italy.
Clean, 600 grape crates in seven days. Seasonal work. Vintage.

13. WE MOP THE SKY, JUST FOR YOU Video and music by: Bassem Mansour, Kuwait
In this Hi-Tech shopping mall covered with an immense skylight, workers mop the glass dome so that the sun can still shine through. In Kuwait, a country with 3 to 3.5 million people which include approximately 2 million non-nationals, Industry still rely heavily on foreign workers and low wage workforce is still a valid alternative to expensive technological solutions.

14. LEAN AGAINST by Sean Burn UK
Still photos of (post) industrial sites around europe - especially hungary and the czech republic - have been animated with a multilayered vispo (visual poetry) animation sequence at its heart, all combining to make a poetic vision that asks us all to lean against the state until it all falls down and build a better place in its wake.

15. REMEMBER by Lello Lopes Italy 59” 2010
In this moment of economic crisis, industry is undergoing a transformation as well as drastic conversions. The places where people’s lives have taken place are swiftly fading through the colour of time. Only a few traces among rusted machines still disclose a past life: chalk marks on plates, sheets post up on a wall, tools left on equipments… Factory is only a gloomy memory.

16. OMAGGIO OFFICINE BREDA by Gruppo Sinestetico Italy 1’20” 2008

17. SPARKS 59 by Katherine Liberovskaya Canada 59” 2010 Sound: Phill Niblock USA
"Sparks 59" is a 59 second version af a 5 minute piece entitled simply "Sparks". Shot in November 2009 in Osaka, Japan, during a residency at REMO Media Arts, it takes a look at the rhythms and sounds of light industrial machinery in small factories. With video by Katherine Liberovskay and sound collage by Phill Niblock. Completed in summer 2010.

18. SWING by Mathew Slaats NY USA 2009
Swing is an exploration of the relationships we have with the urban environment. Specifically the way that structures in a post industrial society become places for play. For 100 years the bridge depicted in the video served as a part of a vital transport system moving material and people from the central United States to urban centers in the Northeast. Abandoned since the late 1970's, the bridge has now become the tallest walkway structure in the world as the Walkway Over the Hudson. This video is a reaction to the ways in which the architectural history of the industrial era is being repurposed. Structures built of iron and steel are now places of leisure where once they served the purpose of manufacturing and transportation. This work is a document of these shifts, moving way from a culture of production to one of service.

19. TYPING THROUGH THE GRAY 90'S by Sheila Bishop FL, USA
Temping. Typing. (memories of). Temping. Typing. (working)
Temping. Typing. (in bad buildings)
Temping. Typing.(for crappy corporations)
Temping. Typing.(and even a non-profit or two)

Temping. Typing.(while making art on the side)
Temping. Typing.(and going crazy)
Temping. Typing. (in my mid to late 20‘s).
Temping. Typing. (in the mid to late 90‘s) Tempting. Trying.

20. FRICTION59 by William Wylie VA, USA
The focus of Friction59 is the complicated action and prolonged intensity of a single stone cutting device from the marble quarries of Carrara, Italy. Using gravity, friction and water the devise can be set to work on a block for days eventually cutting through the rough stone to create perfect thin slabs for countertops and floor tiles.

21. INDUSTRIA / INDUSTRIAL by Erick Flores
Guadalajara, Mexico 1’23” 2010
It was made in Guadalajara between February and April of this year. What I tried to say is that we live in a repetitive cycle, we are like machines. The economic needs make us go in a fast and harsh way while we are building our future with faith in science and its limits.

22. REVISITING LUMIÈRE by Gabrielle Jennings CA, USA
The video ‘Revisiting Lumière’ contains a remake of the Lumière brothers’ famous 'Workers Leaving the Factory' film. This submission is part of a larger whole -- a remake of the first film program projected for the public. Incorporating an optimistic and contemporary view, the piece becomes ‘Workers Leaving the American Apparel Building’ (a progressive, 'sweatshop free workplace’)

23. NO. 25 TO TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD (workers arriving) by Janet Hodgson and Susan Ayton UK
In response to the Lumier brothers “workers leaving the factory” of 1895. On the 1st of July 2010 at 5.00am in the morning the artists used their mobile phones to film the early morning workforce making their way into work from the east end into the City of London. Finished before the office city workers arrive, they spend their journey asleep.

24. WORK WAR by Stella Rey Colombia/USA
working walking watching waking while waiting worry why when where what whistling winds wind worlds who war with walls,whole worths wither with weak wows winnings whilst we welcome wealthy wages without well welded wares worn wicked weekend whining wizards wheeling weird wisdom warp waves weeping wailing whales whom wallow wasted waters wander whether weather welts worsen world wide.

25. FACTORY by Miwa Matreyek CA, USA
Matreyek's work can be described as a moving collage, whether for her film work or her performance work - the image on the screen is created by layers of video and texture elements visually combining. This is even more significant in her performance work, where various projections collapse with the human body to create a complete image on stage.

26. INDUSTRIAL 3D by Furqan Qidwai Pakistan
This is industrial animation process of drilling, created in 3D studio max and compositing done in after effect and editing and sound effect done in Vegas.

27. BRICK FACTORY by Fiian Weng 1’1”

28. ABOUT MY FATE by Henry Gwiazda ND, USA
Work is about the choreography of reality. It's about the way everything moves and is interconnected to create beauty. Each small, choreographed scene can be appreciated for itself, but on subsequent viewings, takes on a separate meaning. They become metaphors for our lives, our dreams and ourselves.

29. DIZZYWORK 1-4-5-9-8-2 by Anka Schmid editing by Marina Werli 1’6” Switzerland 2006-7
Elena has a magic encounter with her working clones. First there are 4, than 5, then 9, 8 and 2 of her. Is it real or just a dream?

30. INDUSTRIAL / POST-INDUSTRIAL by Stefano Giannotti Italy 59” 2010 Music and soundtrack: Stefano Giannotti Director’s assistant: Piotr Kawecki Produced by S. Giannotti.
A graphic/sonic composition making us reflect about the meaning of the two definitions industrial and post-industrial. In my film these two words are connected with the idea of pollution and violation of the environment, but also with two different types of landscapes living together and finding a balance. The film is built up employing graphical techniques and real footage.

31. PRE-INDUSTRIAL by Irina Danilova Ukraine/Russia/NY, USA 2’20” 2010
Homage to Komvolny Kombinat and Mort Levy a former wool fabric buyer and men’s clothing seller, this work is depicting a sheep shearing in Whiteman park/farm in Perth, Australia. A doubling sound in the first part of the video is representing a hearing of confused sheep.

32. POST INDUSTRIAL OPUS 59 by Peter Christenson AZ, USA 59”, 2010
Post Industrial Opus 59 depicts the underbelly of the transition from a manufacturing based economy to a service based system through a series of found images documenting the effects of mass privatization and its gruesome aftermath. The true realization, however, accompanies the introduction of a spying character, suggesting that in this new world order, observer is actually the observed.

33. PORTRAIT WITH FREIGHT TRAIN by Holger Mohaupt Scotland, UK 59” 2010
Right on the edge of the housing estate were I grew up is a railway track for freight trains. As kids we used to climb up the steep dam and jump on the trains to catch a ride. Quite often I would wake up at night listening to the noise of the train, I could also feel the vibration.

A man is incarcerated. Inside each border of the world resides a separate nation with a large amount of people. It's a nation in constant flux, with some residents released each year, their places soon taken by others. It's a land where the meals are free but the doors are always locked. An industry and production of misfits.

35. 24 P by Bárbara de Azevedo Brasil 59” 2009
Cities spread like seeds that germinate in fertile land. Concrete is the basis for support of all iron, steel and other materials. The sounds are propagated with the diversity of reverberating noise. The blue sky is lost in the immensity of gray smoke. The scenery is diverse, full of complexity, movement and excesses. Many the plans of movie exhausted.

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